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    Recent Events in Cumbria

    The devastating effects of the recent severe weather in Cumbria have shocked the UK. Our thoughts and sympathies are with all our Cumbrian customers and all other inhabitants of the area who have been affected by the flooding.

    The floodwaters created by the unforeseen and torrential rains of last week damaged not only the bridges and roads and public and private buildings of Cockermouth, Camerton, Workington and other towns in the area, but also destroyed or damaged huge amounts of business and personal property. It is terrifying to think that a lifetime’s worth of personal possessions, or, for example, the entire stock of an independent retailer, can be taken away in the space of one night. Those affected, who are working to make safe, to salvage and to begin to clean up where possible, deserve both our deepest condolences and our respect.

    It is in times of disaster and disruption that the importance and effectiveness of our emergency services becomes truly apparent. Those members of the uniformed services who have been working day and night to attempt to ensure the safety of the people of Cumbria, and to ease and implement the beginning of the process of dealing with the chaos there, have truly earned the praise that they’ve received.

    Also deserving of recognition are the engineers working to identify unsound structures, those who are helping to run temporary shelters, and numerous others who are helping, including volunteer services such as the RNLI and Mountain Rescue.

    Again, our thoughts and sympathies are with any and all who have felt the effects of this event.

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