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    Adding Value to Your Home

    Your house is more than just the building you live in; it’s also probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make. The improvements you add to your home are not only ways of making your life there more comfortable, but can also be significant investments in its re-sale value.

    In times when it is difficult to find a buyer for your property, let alone secure the price your home deserves, upgrading the exterior of your home can dramatically increase its “curb appeal”. More than that, a well thought through and high quality addition, such as a handsome pattern imprinted concrete driveway, can, according to the National Association of Estate Agents, add up to 15% to the sale value of your home.

    By making such an investment, you receive both the benefits of the product while you live there, and can recoup the value added to your property when you sell. For example, by adding a long-lasting concrete driveway in order to benefit from off-road parking, you gain peace of mind, potentially lower car insurance premiums, and can expect to find the re-sale value of your home increased by up to an extra 10%.

    In our current economic climate there are increasing out-goings that come as part of the process of selling. Estate agent’s fees, stamp duty, the amount spent on physically moving your possessions from one house to another, and other seemingly small but genuinely significant expenses can all add up to a surprisingly high extra cost.

    Improving your house before you sell up and move on can make the whole process much more comfortable for yourself and your bank balance. Sensible additions help to widen the margin between making a profit and making a loss on the sale of your home.

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