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    With a decade of experience in the field of concrete driveway design and installation, CD Designs have a long list of satisfied customers across the north-west. And these customers can vouch for the professional approach which we apply to each project.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways as a product offer a massive amount of flexibility in terms of potential applications and final appearance; this is the reason comprehensive and professional concrete driveway design and installation services are desirable. In order to ensure that customers are always satisfied with the finished product, CD Designs are committed to keeping the design and installation process transparent.

    This approach has paid off. By combining knowledge and experience with an open and friendly attitude (and a lot of hard work), customers are satisfied enough with their finished projects to provide testimonials like this one.

    The case studies gallery displays the level of work consistently achieved by CD Designs around the north-west. Take a look at the various completed projects. It should quickly become obvious that a lot of pride is taken in the finished product itself, and in the happiness that a well priced and well crafted piece of work can bring to customers.

    The gallery also shows the differing scales of project that we are more than happy to take on and complete. From the complexity of the Heaton Park contract (all work finished within a tight 3-week turnaround) to the relative simplicity of Greenmount, the gallery displays the scope of what CD Designs can accomplish.

    If anything in there takes your fancy, or perhaps sparks off some ideas of your own, don’t hesitate to get in touch; perhaps your finished project could be the next addition to our online hall of fame…

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