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    Concrete doesn’t have to be Grey

    When you’re adding something to your home, interior or exterior, be it a purchase as small as a new bed-side lamp or as big as a garden swimming pool, you want to be sure that it fits with your vision and taste. What the majority of people are happy to settle for might not do for you. And whether you want classic or cutting-edge, you can be sure that somewhere, somebody is selling what you’re after.

    There’s a massive variety of consumer choice in everything. Why should concrete be any different?

    Thanks to colourant admixtures, you can specify the shade that you want your concrete to be, and pick your colour of choice from an extensive spectrum of available dyes.   These dyes are based on synthetic and natural oxides. The colourant, usually powdered but sometimes in liquid form, is added to the concrete whilst it’s wet, and diffuses through the mixture.

    When it sets, the concrete holds the colour of the pigment. The coloured concrete is just as versatile as it would be if it was still grey. Patterns can still be imprinted into its surface, and the combination of colour and pattern that you’ve chosen can be further enhanced with a complimentary stain.

    It’s a simple way to achieve classic results. Concrete can be coloured to resemble any number of varieties of traditional stone, and many of these colours can be matched with the corresponding pattern imprint. But the relative simplicity of the process of dying and laying concrete means that the only real limitation is your creativity.

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