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    Decorative Concrete

    Concrete is increasingly being used as not only a simple, cost effective way of resolving most external and internal surfacing needs, but as an attractive and interesting material in its own right. By combining any one of a wide collection of possible colours with any one of a wide collection of imprintable patterns, it’s possible to create a staggeringly large amount of different effects.

    If you desire a simple, neutral look, concrete with one subtle colourant could well be the answer you’re looking for. Or you could have an expanse of plain single-colour concrete with an elegantly imprinted border. If you’re after something a little bit more traditional, most commonly used types of stone flooring can be easily replicated using pattern imprinting.

    This opens up the possibility of mixing patterns, giving the impression of, for example, a herringbone brick driveway with a cobbled path leading to your front door, or a “random stone” patio with a slate barbeque area. All, of course, finished in colours which compliment each other.

    If this isn’t what you’re after, concrete can also be banded; a simpler design in which regular fields of one type of imprinted or textured concrete are separated by dividing strips of another imprint or texture. This provides simple contrast, accentuating the impact and quality of both the fields and bands.

    There are other ways of using concrete decoratively. It can be polished to a highly reflective finish giving a sleek and sophisticated look to rival that of marble, at a significantly lower price. Or, by choosing to expose the coarse aggregate which makes up much of the body of the concrete, you can achieve a distinctive and modern effect.

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