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    Match Your Geological Surroundings

    Trends in interior and exterior design might change more slowly than those of high-street fashion, but over time tastes can shift. Suddenly, something that you’d previously been over the moon with can begin to look a little tired.

    There are ways of avoiding this. Whatever the current fad is, you should weigh up whether it’s worthwhile, or a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. An easy way to avoid making a rash decision is to take a step back, and look around you. Designers have always taken influence from their surroundings, from nature, and the UK has a particularly geologically rich landscape.

    Take, for example, the clints and grykes of the limestone pavement at Malham. The Malham stones show us that, although paving and surfacing design is now very advanced, surfacing is still, in essence, a very simple thing. There is no need to over-complicate designs, and this should be a primary concern in deciding upon an addition to your property. Before pressing ahead, you should ask yourself if there’s a simpler, more elegant way of achieving your aims.

    Whilst naturally occurring materials can be used for surfacing, the fact that concrete can be pattern imprinted and coloured allows you to have the same visual appeal as, say, a drive surfaced with the slate that used to be quarried in your local area, without any of the drawbacks of using that material. So, if you’re stuck for design ideas and worrying about buying in to something that’ll quickly look dated, remember to take a step back, and see if the geology of your local area doesn’t hold the key to your dilemma.

    Seen A Driveway You Like On Google Street View?

    Every so often, computer software and application programmers come up with something jaw-dropping. Google, not people to be content with just creating a search engine that revolutionised the way we find information, have gone on to bring us Street View.

    Street View is part of Google’s mapping service. Whilst before their maps looked like, well, maps (interactive, detailed, scrollable, printable maps), now you can actually see photographic representations of the majority of streets in various cities and towns across the UK. The photographs were captured using special camera-vehicles; you may in fact have seen them while they were in the process of taking the images.

    While most people seem to have eagerly embraced Street View – and it can definitely make working out the directions to your destination much easier – for others it’s a worrying step towards a loss of privacy. Google have taken various steps to ensure that privacy is protected; click here for more information on the debate and Google’s privacy protection measures.

    As well as helping those of us who struggle finding a place without having seen what it looks like, Google does allow us to get a glimpse of places we have never, and might never, visit. And one of its further benefits is the fact that it makes scouting for inspiration for your home improvements easier than ever. You can get a real sense of how possible designs and layouts work in real life, all online.

    You can use Street View to check out what people have had installed in areas like yours, or even just down the road if the camera-vehicles have paid a visit to your neighbourhood. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, and nothing in the UK is tickling your fancy, why not have a look at what our friends over in the USA are up to?

    The Coolest Driveway In The World?

    Although every residential project is unique, they do all usually fall within the same parameters. Space is always at a premium, and maximizing the use of that space is part of what makes an excellently designed driveway.

    But some people are lucky enough to have a little bit more room than others. Houses that come with their own land are usually set back from a road, so the driveways at these properties can end up resembling short private roads. And, as ever, property is a very personal thing. All homeowners want something that isn’t just functional, but also says a little bit about their personalities, and affords them the kind of pleasure that doesn’t just come from a high quality hard surface.

    Combine all these factors and what do you get? Well, you get racetrack driveway of course. In the good old U.S.A, the land of the big and the wonderfully ridiculous, this homeowner has obviously looked at their space, looked at their budget, found a generous amount of wiggle-room, and suddenly remembered a childhood wish; to have their own private Le Mans. While it’s obviously a car-safe surface, the temptation to razz around it on a go-kart (or even a ride-on lawnmower) must be immense.

    It might strike you as a little over the top, or, alternatively, as one of the best ideas anyone has ever had. Either way, it’s always worth being reminded that your property is exactly that, your property, and if you’d really like to achieve something with it, concrete and a skilled contractor can help you make it a reality.

    Moats, Trenches and Battlements: Not Exactly Modern Defence Systems

    There’s not many of us who can afford to buy a castle. Four foot thick walls, a drawbridge, gaps in the battlements so you can pour boiling oil on the heads of cold-calling salesmen; that kind of real estate doesn’t come cheap.

    Castle’s unique design features evolved for one reason and one reason only: defence. Whilst castles had a number of roles in society – as centres of trade and governance, as symbols of affluence and power – as buildings their primary role was to offer some much needed protection to their inhabitants.

    Although rampaging armies might no longer be a huge concern, home security is still a big consideration. Burglar alarms and even private CCTV can offer some peace of mind, but sometimes the best thing you can do is take a hint from the walls and moats of historic castles. Physical security structures like fences and gates clearly mark out the boundaries of your property and are a significant visual deterrent as well as a physical obstacle.

    Fence and gate installation is one of the services we offer alongside pattern imprinted concrete driveway design and installation. In fact, one of the first projects Complete Driveways Northwest took on and completed required a substantial concrete driveway in combination with fencing and motorized gating in order to create a parking area which was both attractive, complimentary to the building that compromised the rest of the property, and very secure. Have a look at the page dedicated to this job in our case studies gallery by clicking here.

    Hopefully the photographs of the Walmsley project will illustrate the fact that you can make sure your home is well defended, without it looking like you’re stuck in the dark ages.

    It’s Not Your Typical Valentines Day Present, But…

    The 14th of February is one of those dates that can creep up on you if you aren’t careful. Plastic roses and glassy eyed teddy-bears holding big red love hearts are suddenly everywhere. For the single, it can lead to some deep sighs of relief; no panicked gift-shopping for them. For those who are firmly attached, it’s an opportunity to really, really mess up. Romance looks easy in the movies, but it can turn out to be a lot harder in real life.

    If you’re dead set on buying a gift for your loved one, it can pay to think outside the box. Coming up to Valentines Day, and similarly at Christmas, the shops are full of gifts that seem to perfectly capture the theme of the event. But are they really what your partner wants? Are they really what your partner needs?

    Buying a practical gift, or providing a solution to something that’s been hanging over your better half’s head for a while, can be excellent way to show them exactly how much you love and understand them. And, if they’re expecting something entirely different, you get a chance to see that little seen sight; genuinely happy surprise.

    So, while it might be the furthest thing from a traditional Valentines gift that you can get, maybe a beautifully designed and skillfully installed pattern imprinted concrete driveway could be the perfect solution to all of your Valentines worries.

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