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    Be Unique, Use Concrete

    So; you’ve been thinking about getting a new driveway for a while. You’ve budgeted, and now you’re researching the options open to you. You want something that’s durable and long-lasting. But more than that, you want something that’s classy and attractive; something with the “wow” factor; and – come on, let’s be honest – something a little bit different from (and a little bit nicer than) whatever your neighbours have got.

    Although it might not seem it, opting for concrete, the most commonly used man made material in the world, might be the easiest way of ensuring that your driveway is unique to your property.

    Concrete driveways offer a tough, consistent surface which is shaped exactly to your specifications; while loose driveway solutions like chipped slate can match the second point, they’re not so hot on the first one. Similarly, tarmacadam drives can also be shaped to fit, but lack concrete’s strength and can be a nightmare if they come into contact with solvents.

    But the factor that means concrete can really bring you head and shoulders above the competition – sorry, the rest of the street – is the combination of our imprinting and colouring techniques. You can get a driveway that not only benefits from all of concrete’s excellent qualities as a building material, but also looks like it was laboriously hand-laid using expensive shaped stones. And what’s more, any combination of pattern and colour is possible. So whether you’ve seen a driveway that you really like and want to emulate it, or you’ve seen one that you absolutely hate and want the opposite, it’s probably possible.

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