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    Complimenting Your Pattern Imprinted Drive

    …and we don’t mean telling it how lovely it looks. Here at Complete Driveway Designs we do more than just install high quality concrete driveways. We can also provide you with a number of additional features to enhance the pattern imprinted and coloured driveway that you’ve chosen to add to your property.

    If you’re having a new drive put in place, you should consider replacing old fencing and gates at the same time. For a little extra expenditure it’s possible to really transform the front part of your property, and by having your boundary fencing done along with your driveway you can be certain that it works together from the design stage right up to the final product. Not only does this ensure that there’s a consistent level of detail being paid to both the fencing and concreting elements of the project, but it also avoids the disruption and hassle of having to have contractors return to your property at some point in the future.

    We don’t just stop at high quality concrete driveways and fencing. Perhaps at your property you intend to use the concreted area not just as a functional space for parking cars, but as a more social area for different uses. We can provide you with an excellent concrete patio design and installation service, utilising our pattern imprinting and concrete colouring abilities to supply you with unique, creative and sophisticated patios to help you really enjoy your property. We also install wooden decking, which is becoming increasingly popular as a simple, fast to erect and effective way of making the best out of front and back gardens.

    So remember; we don’t just do drives, and we’re happy to take on complicated projects requiring any and all of the services we advertise.

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