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    Match Your Geological Surroundings

    Trends in interior and exterior design might change more slowly than those of high-street fashion, but over time tastes can shift. Suddenly, something that you’d previously been over the moon with can begin to look a little tired.

    There are ways of avoiding this. Whatever the current fad is, you should weigh up whether it’s worthwhile, or a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. An easy way to avoid making a rash decision is to take a step back, and look around you. Designers have always taken influence from their surroundings, from nature, and the UK has a particularly geologically rich landscape.

    Take, for example, the clints and grykes of the limestone pavement at Malham. The Malham stones show us that, although paving and surfacing design is now very advanced, surfacing is still, in essence, a very simple thing. There is no need to over-complicate designs, and this should be a primary concern in deciding upon an addition to your property. Before pressing ahead, you should ask yourself if there’s a simpler, more elegant way of achieving your aims.

    Whilst naturally occurring materials can be used for surfacing, the fact that concrete can be pattern imprinted and coloured allows you to have the same visual appeal as, say, a drive surfaced with the slate that used to be quarried in your local area, without any of the drawbacks of using that material. So, if you’re stuck for design ideas and worrying about buying in to something that’ll quickly look dated, remember to take a step back, and see if the geology of your local area doesn’t hold the key to your dilemma.

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