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    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Drives: Suitable for Residential and Commercial Use

    Concrete has a long history as the material of choice for commercial building projects. This is because of the ease of its installation, multitude of applications, and high compressive strength when set. These are the same reasons that have made concrete a very popular choice for residential driveways and other residential projects.

    But concrete doesn’t have to be either industrial and practical or used for small scale projects where appearance is key; skilled contractors with the necessary know-how can manage both. For commercial properties, pattern imprinted concrete driveways and other areas of imprinted and/or coloured concrete can be the solution to a difficult problem: how to get a high spec surface without losing visual appeal. Whether the driveway is needed for frequent deliveries or to park a dedicated company vehicle off the road, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway should meet all of your surfacing needs, and the installation process is flexible enough to ensure that any necessary drainage issues can be easily solved by incorporating the necessary adaptations into the design of the driveway. More than that, the variety of achievable finishes and design variations mean that it’s possible to purchase a driveway that really stands out.

    And size isn’t a concern; the results of pattern imprinting concrete shine in both small and large surfaced areas. Although appearance isn’t everything, it can definitely help, and it really makes sense for owners of both domestic and commercial properties to consider investing in dramatically improving their exteriors with a carefully designed P.I.C driveway.

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