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    Whether You Drive a 40ft Arctic Or A Fiat 500…

    No matter what your vehicle of choice is, a concrete driveway is up to the job. Concrete is such a widespread construction material for numerous reasons, one of which is its massive compressive strength and its all-round durability. There is, after all, a reason that they make motorways out of it.

    While it’s unlikely that our domestic clients are going to require us to lay a concrete driveway specifically to fit their prized HGV or petrol tanker (complete with fluffy dice, alloys, and a personalised license plate, naturally), we could and would do it. Concrete can be poured and laid to form hard-surfaced areas of almost any dimensions, and our experience with pattern imprinting and colouring means we can give you a driveway that looks fantastic no matter what’s parked on it.

    Concrete is remarkably strong and, as long as it’s treated and worked in the right way, can be used to achieve remarkable results in terms of appearance as well as functionality. We at Complete Driveway Designs offer a tested and trusted industry-standard solution to your surfacing needs, at the same time as opening up any number of potential designs to suit the look of your property and your own personal taste.

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