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    Alternative Uses for Pattern Imprinted Concrete

    Pattern imprinted concrete isn’t just excellent for driveways. Because it can be imprinted to recreate a number of traditional (and more expensive) surfaces – like slate, or herringbone brick – and because it can be coloured using a wide palette of admixtures, it has found numerous other uses.

    Using pattern imprinted concrete for interior flooring is becoming increasingly popular. A concrete floor which has been imprinted with a well chosen pattern, coloured, and then sealed, can be installed along with under-floor heating. Concrete has also been installed for flooring purposes without being pattern imprinted, only coloured, and then polished. Once a non-slip coating has been applied, a surface like this makes an interesting alternative to marble. Other effects can be created by using polished exposed aggregate concrete.

    Or course, a concrete floor doesn’t need to be entirely one colour. It’s possible to use differently coloured fields and bands of concrete to create some intricate designs. For commercial customers, this means it’s possible to incorporate your company logo into the design of your interior flooring.

    Pattern imprinted concrete can also be used for cladding structures. Because of its ability to recreate traditional stone surfaces, it presents a way of getting a fantastic visual effect without having to construct your garage, for example, out of the material you want it to look like you’ve used. With most traditional construction material patterns easily replicated, and, of course, the potential for ignoring traditional patterns entirely and really going wild with colours, the possibilities are practically endless.

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