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    Coloured Concrete in Art

    Part of the wonder of art is that it makes us look at everyday things in a different way. It can do this through presenting us with new angles of looking at things, or by using a material in a way in which it hasn’t previously been used.

    Coloured concrete in art is a fine example of this. Concrete is one of the most commonly used man-made substances on the planet; it’s such a common sight that we hardly notice it any more. Which is, presumably, why it’s starting to become a widely used material in art; artists get a chance to really work with something new, whilst benefitting from concrete’s remarkable attributes as a construction material.

    This artist uses coloured concrete over steel armatures to create his tables and other sculptural pieces. His work shows that concrete’s flexibility and workability make it an ideal substance for those interested in three-dimensional art. His pieces are also a testament to how attractive coloured and polished concrete can appear.

    Over on this website, there are some fine examples of combining art with the utilitarian. The intriguing detailed concrete floors photographed show how construction-grade hard surfaces can benefit from a little artistic flair. It’s modern and sophisticated interior design utilising the best material for the job; concrete.

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