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    Driveways in The News

    In this age of up-to-the-minute, breaking-story television news, the “driveway shot” has become an increasingly common phenomenon. Whatever the event – take, for example, a disgraced MP standing with his family to publically apologise for some misdemeanour – and you can guarantee that, while they’re waiting for something newsworthy to happen, the television cameras will be recording and broadcasting  footage of an empty driveway. Here are some prime examples from the Reuters news network.

    It’s as if the journalists and cameramen involved have decided that if they’ve got to be bored, so have we. It’d take someone with Sherlock Holmes’ talent for deduction to glean any useful information from a static shot of an empty drive. Here at CD Designs it’

    s our job to be interested in driveways, and even we get fatigued by looking at photos like these.

    It’d be an act of mercy on the part of these newsworthy people if, before they crashed their cars or were forced into making a public display of contrition, they put a little thought into the driveways that the general public are going to end up having to look at.

    A simple pattern imprinted concrete driveway is one of two possible solutions to this problem. Pleasing to the eye and hard-wearing enough to easily handle a few TV vans and camera tripods, a concrete driveway would be much less objectionable to look at than the examples provided by Reuters.

    The other solution, of course, is for people to avoid ending up on the news in the first place.

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