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    Redesigning The Shape of Your Driveway

    Pattern imprinted concrete is a versatile surfacing material; because it’s poured and then imprinted, it can be shaped in any number of ways. A driveway, obviously, must have certain dimensions. It needs to be wide enough to fit your vehicle, and, especially in residential areas, the amount of space available may be limited. But that doesn’t mean that your design ideas need to be limited as well.

    If you’ve got a bit of room to play with, you could consider adding a bend or curve to your driveway, as it progresses from the road to your house. You don’t necessarily need to surface the entirety of the land in-front of your home, and, by placing a curve in your driveway, you can make an interesting spot to add an additional focal point; a small fruit tree, perhaps, or a tasteful statuette.

    If you want to combine your driveway with a generous front lawn, or, on a smaller scale, some raised flowerbeds, you might want to consider a “U” shaped driveway. Increasingly popular in America, these driveways allow easy access to the front of the property and still afford an impressive amount of lawn space. This link shows some examples of “U” shaped drives.

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