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    The Best Garage Conversions Ever?

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway provides you with an aesthetically pleasing, fit-to-task surface on which to park your vehicle. One of the benefits of this is that it can free up your garage; especially if you’ve previously had to shut your vehicle away instead of leaving it on your drive because you’ve been lacking a suitably surfaced driveway space.

    Imagine what you could do with that newly freed up garage. Garage conversions are becoming more and more popular, and, especially when combined with a new driveway, could increase the resale value of your property.

    With some work done to insulate a garage, converting it into a games-room or home-cinema room, for example, becomes a definite possibility. Most garages have an electricity supply, and some even have plumbing; this opens up the potential projects available to someone interested in gaining an “extra room” for their house.

    Of course, you don’t have to entirely re-purpose your garage. You may still want to keep it as an indoor space for DIY and car-repair tasks – especially in winter months – but also want to make more out of the space whilst your car is on your drive. If you’re searching for some inspiration, why not take a look at American chat-show host Jay Leno’s garage. He’s a millionaire, so his classic car collection might be out of your reach, but he’s obviously someone who’s decided to make the most out of his garage by using it as a place to combine a number of things that he enjoys.

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