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    What Does Your Driveway Say About You?

    If you were born between the 21st of March and the 19th of April, you’re an Aries. And, as an Aries – which, as we all know, is a “fire” sign – it’s safe to say that you’re the adventurous type. Unfortunately, you’re also a little overbearing.

    Sound like nonsense? Well, opinions on star signs and personalised Horoscopes certainly differ. Some people are sure that they’re accurate, others are sure that they’re not. There’s one thing you can safely say for certain about Astrology; it’s been around for centuries. Throughout human history people have been looking up at the stars, and then at each other, and making some (dubious?) connections.

    But why, you ask, should the ability to identify character traits be limited to just the heavens? Can’t we find something a little more down-to-earth? Can you see where we’re going with this?

    That’s right. Complete Driveway Designs are proud to unveil the very cutting edge of modern divination techniques: personalised driveway readings. We’re sure that these uncannily accurate (and completely unbiased) statements will help you get to know your real self a little better. It’s been a long and laborious process, but we’re finally ready for the big unveiling….

    Drive-sign: Loose gravel/ Chipped Slate. You’ve been known to be a little bit flaky and erratic. You like to spread yourself around, and often need someone else’s help to pick up the pieces.

    Drive-sign: Tarmacadam/Asphalt. In times of trouble, you can find yourself feeling patchy. You’ve been criticised for going soft when you’re under pressure.

    Drive-sign: Block paving. People can say what they like about you, but you’re definitely not cheap.

    Drive-sign: Pattern Imprinted Concrete. Your reliability is as impressive as your appearance. Despite your tough nature, you can happily adapt to almost any situation.

    Isn’t it spooky the way something can be so general, and yet so true?

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