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    Who Lives In Your Driveway? A Snowman or a Car?

    Christmas 2009 and January 2010 will be remembered by adults for the icy pavements, traffic disruptions, and shortages of grit. Children, however, are much more likely to remember it for the snowball fights, extra days off school, the rare opportunity to go sledging, and, of course, a chance to make snowmen.

    In the regions that received the most snowfall, local news programmes were inundated with photographs of snowmen. And they weren’t just on the TV; if you were out and about in the snow then chances are you came face-to-face with at least one yourself. From the smallest to the biggest – and some of them were massive – snowmen were everywhere, along with snow-dogs, snow-cats, and snow-who-knows-what-else.  Perhaps you even rented out a small patch of your garden or driveway to a snowy inhabitant?

    Those with well installed and regularly sealed concrete driveways had no reason to fear snow or freeze-thaw related damage to the surface of their drive. One of the many benefits of concrete as a surfacing solution is the fact that, by using pattern imprinting techniques, you can achieve a surface that’s as durable as it is attractive.

    While heavy snowfall might cover up imprinted patterns, at least those with concrete driveways can rest easy, knowing that when it melts away – as it always does – the concrete won’t be any the worse for wear. Which might be some small consolation, after you’ve had to say an emotional goodbye to all those lovely snowmen.

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