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    Bands & Songs With Concrete In The Title – The Top 5

    Obviously, here at CD Designs we think concrete is pretty special. But we understand that not everyone shares that view. However, there are a few musicians who seem to like it as much as we do.  Some even go as far as naming themselves after it. Concrete Blonde, for example, an American rock band from the 90s, who take number 1 in our top 5.  Although they’re no longer together, they had quite the fan-base during their time, and their songs still appear on movie and TV soundtracks.

    Moving forward in time, we have indie popsters The Concretes from Sweden. They take number 2 in our top 5. With eight members they make a loud but tuneful racket, and they’ve been getting more and more popular.

    People naming their bands after concrete we could kind of understand. After all, most band names make absolutely no sense. But who’d write a song about concrete? Love songs; sure, they make sense. Of course, none of these songs are actually about concrete….

    At number 3 in our top 5 is The Specials, heroes of the UK two-tone scene, and the band who wrote the classic “Ghost Town” about the effects of economic depression. Hailing from Coventry, with its famous ring-road, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that they also wrote a song called “Concrete Jungle”. Like we said, not really about concrete: actually about urban violence.

    For music that’s a little bit more upbeat, if not quite as cool, how about the group who take number 4 in our top 5: Unit 4 + 2. Bizarre name for a band, isn’t it? One hit wonders from 1965, Unit 4+2’s song “Concrete and Clay” is a bit of a forgotten gem of UK pop music. Again, not actually about concrete: about, of course, being in love.

    And last but not least we’ve got Sean Paul at number 5 with his song “Concrete”. Dancehall singer Sean Paul is massively successful in Jamaica, the U.S. and the U.K. But we have to admit that we’re not entirely sure what “Concrete” is actually about. Anyone have any idea?

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