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    Best practises for cleaning your concrete driveway

    Cleaning your driveway doesn’t have to be an arduous task, especially if you’ve got a pressure washer. The most important thing to remember is to act quickly if the surface of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway comes into contact with a substance which could potentially damage it.

    Concrete is tough, especially once its porous surface has been treated with a sealant. But it’s still possible for some chemical compounds to stain your concrete, if you allow them enough time to really get to work. And once concrete has been stained like this – it’s uncommon, but it happens – you’ll either half to live with the stain, or re-patch the concrete. Re-patching requires excising the affected area, mixing fresh concrete, and colouring and imprinting the fresh concrete once it’s been laid. While the pattern can be made to match, the colour of the two different batches of concrete will never be identical.

    Prevention is better than cure; deal with chemical spills and any other accidents that might mark your concrete as soon as possible. Put down something to absorb the substance – cat litter works excellently, and sand is a cheaper alternative – then clean the affected area with a pressure washer, or a hose and a thick-bristled brush.

    In extreme cases, when your concrete driveway is stained and you’re looking for an alternative to patching it, you could turn to acidic cleaning products. These will etch the surface of the concrete, removing the stain along with various beneficial admixtures. These acidic cleaning compounds are exactly that, very acidic, and should be handled carefully. Again, you’ll want either a pressure washer or a hose ready to rinse the cleaning product away as soon as possible.

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