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    Large companies that use imprinted concrete driveways

    Here at CD Designs we’ve got the experience and skill to provide excellent pattern imprinted concrete driveways for both domestic and commercial customers. If you take a look at our gallery of case studies you’ll see a selection of the projects we’ve completed so far, and the impressive standard of our design and installation skills. Pattern imprinted concrete is wonderful stuff, and with good contractors like ourselves you can get some fantastic results.

    Further evidence of pattern imprinted concrete’s appeal as a surfacing solution – one that provides great scope for design innovation – can be seen in the fact that some massive international companies choose it for their premises. If you’ve visited a McDonalds, Burger King or KFC drive-thru then you’ll probably have noticed the fact that they utilise pattern imprinted concrete. They’re no fools, and obviously understand that pattern imprinted concrete provides an attractive surface which can hold heavy traffic, can be varied to resemble more traditional (and more expensive) surfaces, and allows even more opportunities for corporate branding. For example, pattern imprinted concrete allows you to have your company logo integrated into the design of your flooring.

    Disney, one of the most recognised brands in the world, uses pattern imprinted concrete extensively in their theme parks. They’ve really embraced the possibilities of the material. From their super-colourful animation-themed boulevards to fake safari-park mud tracks, they’ve fully exploited concrete’s ability to be cast, imprinted, and stained.

    While you might not want to go quite as far with your use of pattern imprinted concrete, it’s a testament to the benefits of the material that so many multi-national corporations have chosen it, and stuck with it, for use in the construction and finishing of their commercial premises.

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