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    Ongoing Drive Maintenance – Home Repair Tips

    Your concrete driveway – like the car that you park on it – is built to last, but still needs some occasional maintenance. Provided that your driveway is installed by a reliable and experienced contractor, your maintenance tasks should be relatively minor jobs that you can get done quickly. In fact, if the driveway is high quality, your maintenance responsibilities come down to two main things; cleaning and re-sealing, the latter of which we can help you with.

    Occasionally cleaning your drive is the best way to make sure that there’s no chance of any noxious or corrosive chemicals staining or otherwise damaging the surface of your concrete. It’s a simple task that can be easily built into your regular gardening or home maintenance routine. Obviously, any spills of liquids like petrol or de-icer should be immediately dealt with.

    It’s good practice to give your driveway the occasional sweep, and a rinse with the hose. If you’re using a pressure washer, remember to be careful not to use too strong a jet, as very high pressure settings could cause cosmetic damage to your concrete.

    Resealing is the most important pattern imprinted concrete driveway maintenance task. You should reapply sealant to your drive at least every other year, and you should consider doing it more regularly if your driveway receives a lot of traffic or begins to show visible signs of use.

    The resealing process is relatively simple, requiring application of liquid sealant to the driveway. However, there will be a period of time whilst the sealant dries during which you won’t be able to use your drive. This short-lived inconvenience is a small price to pay for making sure that your driveway is in the best possible condition. There are a number of sealants available, and your contractor should be able to help you pick the best one.

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    1. Alan says:

      These are really very good tips and will definitely help a lot in keeping home in good condition. Thanks for sharing it.

      Providing concrete and asphalt repair products

    2. CD Designs says:

      Thanks Alan

      You can find more tips for maintaining pattern imprinted concrete driveways in the Concrete Driveway Maintenance section of our blog.

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