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    Other things you can do with concrete – Concrete Art and Sculptures

    Concrete has a fantastically varied amount of uses and applications. Sure, it’s the material of choice for domestic and commercial driveway surfacing. But it’s also frequently used by artists and designers for some weird and wonderful projects. That’s thanks to concrete’s unique characteristics; the flexibility of installation, ease of pre-set shaping, and incredible compressive strength that make it the mainstay of the construction industry are also the factors that make it such a wonderful material for modern artists.

    Take, for example, this gigantic contemporary Chinese sculpture. Made from cast concrete in combination with a steel armature, Zhang Yaxi’s “Mother and Child” is proof that the right kind of artist combined with the right kind of material (concrete, of course) can make for some monumental results. There’s been a proliferation of large-scale concrete public sculptures in the last decades; it seems the artistic community has thoroughly embraced the knowledge and techniques of the construction industry.

    Hopping from China to America, T. J. Neil is a concrete sculptor who started off with some small D.I.Y projects and has now made a career out of working with concrete. Why not take a look at his online gallery. There are some truly, truly bizarre pieces on that website, but love them or loathe them, they’re definitely full of character, and show what someone with experience can hand-sculpt out of concrete.

    At the other end of the spectrum, this piece of concrete garden furniture from another American firm, Cunin Design, shows how polished concrete can be formed into some simple and strikingly attractive shapes.

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