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    Danger! Wet Concrete!

    Concrete can be poured as a viscous liquid, then sets rock solid It’s this fact that makes it the perfect material for many construction tasks. Add to that the fact that it can be imprinted with a variety of patterns, and treated with a variety of admixtures, and you can see why it’s so popular for driveways and other surfacing projects.

    But there is a downside to concrete. The characteristic that we take advantage of – that change from a plastic fluid to a durable solid – can also lead to some accidents between pouring and curing. It’s amazing how often people manage to walk through wet concrete.  And once the concrete’s set… those footprints (or paw-prints) will be there forever. Needless to say, CD Designs make sure that no-one sets foot on concrete we’ve laid.

    Impressing part of your body into concrete, or incising a representation of a part of your body into rock, is technically known as creating a petrosomatoglyph. It’s a fancy word for a simple act, and one that, it seems, has always been popular.

    An excellent example of this is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. All though the name might not ring any bells, you’ll know it. The theatre’s “forecourt of the stars” is the famous stretch of Hollywood Boulevard where actors have been invited to create moulds of their hands and feet by pressing them into wet concrete. The tradition began in the 1920s and has been going ever since, with celebs from the Marx Brothers to Brad Pitt all adding their prints and signatures to the display.

    It’s not all glamour though. According to this article on The Mirror’s website, an inexpert burglar from Portsmouth managed to thoroughly incriminate himself by leaving an identifiable shoe-print in some wet concrete.

    Before you decide to start moulding parts of your body in wet concrete, we should point something out: wet concrete is highly alkali, and because of this it can cause skin irritation, chemical burns and damage to your eyes. That’s why we’d advise you to be careful if you’re planning to start making your own petrosomatoglyphs

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