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    Driveway Drainage

    There are a few things that need to be taken into account before and during any of our pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations. Our years of experience in the trade mean that we can spot – and solve – most issues before they occur.

    Take, for example, drainage.

    Aco Drainage in Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

    Why, you might be asking, do concrete surfaces like pattern imprinted drives require drainage? It’s because concrete, especially once it’s been sealed, will not absorb rainwater, or allow it to be absorbed into the ground. Hence the need to provide a way for water to run-off and be removed from your drive.

    The area that you’re interested in having surfaced may also feature a manhole cover. You don’t want to block one of those up, and so the size and position of a manhole cover needs to be considered along with your other drainage needs. This’ll be part of the design stage of your installation. Drainage needs to be designed into your drive from the early stages, because going back to sort out drainage problems after the concrete has been laid and sealed will require a lot of disruption and probably some re-patching.

    As you can see from our installation checklist, we fully understand the importance of correctly installing drainage. We take the placement and dimensions of drainage features into account when planning the layout of bands and fields of concrete which will comprise your surface. And we’re well versed in the positioning and construction of crack-control joints, meaning that you can be sure that embedded features like manhole covers won’t compromise the integrity of your pattern imprinted concrete surface once it’s set.

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