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    Getting In Contact With Complete Driveway Designs

    At CD Designs we really, really like our customers. That’s why we look after them so well. And because we look after them so well, they reward us with word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials for our website.

    Maybe you’ve researched and planned and budgeted and are absolutely 100% certain about exactly what you want done. Or maybe you’ve only just heard about pattern imprinted concrete driveways and are after a little bit more information. Either way, we’re more than happy to talk to you about your project. We’ll be able fill you in on details like price, and how long we think your installation should take.

    There are a number of ways for you to get in touch with us. Since you’re reading this blog post, the easiest option for you would probably be to fill in this contact form:

    If you’re just after a quotation, we’ve got an automated form for that as well. If you’re interest in a pattern imprinted concrete drive or a patio, it’d be handy if you knew the size in m2 of the area you want surfaced. But don’t worry if you don’t know, or you’re interested in our fencing or decking – you can use the same form to request a quote. You can also email us at

    If you prefer more traditional communication techniques, we’re also more than happy to talk to you on the telephone; our number is 0161 761 0400.  If you want to send us a letter (or a postcard!), this is our address:

    Complete Driveway Designs
    The Green Building
    Newton Street
    BL9 5HB

    We’ll respond to any and all enquiries as quickly as possible. We also have a strict privacy policy, so you can be sure that any info you share with us will be protected.

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