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    Interesting Patio Ideas

    The same materials and techniques that we use to install pattern imprinted concrete drives can be used to create some fantastic patios. Installing a patio is an excellent way to create a social area in your back- or front- garden, and can transform the use you get out of your external property. Having a level surface for your garden furniture – not to forget your BBQ – can make a massive difference.

    But patios aren’t just good for providing you with some space for relaxation. A pattern imprinted concrete patio reduces the amount of repetitive gardening tasks that large lawn areas demand. While we aren’t suggesting that you concrete over your garden completely, remember that a patio can significantly reduce the amount of mowing and weeding necessary.

    Two part circle & steps pattern imprinted

    As with our pattern imprinted concrete driveways, our patios can be as traditional or as modern as you want; the design is in your hands. Our Hawkshaw case study is an example of the results you can get with a well chosen combination of pattern and colour, and a skilled installation team. But if you fancy something different, or if you’ve got a more compact garden, this article on the Channel 4 website has some good pointers. The tips on planting and layout are of particular interest.

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