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    Anti-slip Concrete Driveways.

    The concrete we use to make pattern imprinted driveways can be treated with a number of admixtures to achieve a number of different results. There are a few that we use in every installation. The antiquing and release agent that we apply before we stamp the pattern that you’ve chosen, for example.

    Another admixture that we’ll use on your pattern imprinted concrete drive is anti-slip treatment. The anti-slip treatment is part of the sealant that we’ll apply after your driveway has been laid, pattern imprinted, and has cured and set.

    Sealed pattern imprinted concrete can be slippery if it hasn’t been treated with anti-slip. The strength and durability of the seal, which is what protects your pattern imprinted concrete driveway from the elements, can be slippery to walk on. And as it’s your front drive, and will probably be getting more foot traffic than it does automobile traffic, it’s a problem you could do without.

    Our anti-slip treatment deals with the problem, increasing the amount of traction you can get on the driveway’s surface and making it safer to walk and drive on. The slipperiness of untreated pattern imprinted concrete driveways varies, with some people perfectly happy to go without the anti-slip treatment. However, as far as we’re concerned, anti-slip admixture provides peace of mind as well as a real increase in traction. The anti-slip treatment can be reapplied simultaneously with your regular reseal, either as a separate product or in a combined sealant.

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