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    Concrete vs. Tarmacadam

    As contractors who have experience with both tarmacadam and concrete, we’re fully aware of the benefits of both materials. But, as contractors who focus on installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways, we’ve got a vested interest in explaining the benefits of concrete in comparison to other surfacing products.

    concrete driveway imprinted feature

    concrete driveway imprinted feature

    One of the major benefits that concrete has over tarmacadam – other than the fact that concrete can be pattern imprinted – is that concrete is more ecologically friendly. In increasingly “green” times, we know that this is an issue for our customers. Obviously, if you really want to cut down on your carbon footprint, don’t get a driveway at all. In fact, get rid of your car. If, however, you want a durable, well surfaced driveway but also want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, then we’d suggest concrete over tarmacadam.

    Concrete, unlike tarmacadam, can be readily recycled. Tarmacadam contains petroleum-based substances, which give it its gluey consistency before it has hardened. This is also the reason why tarmacadam can be compromised by solvents which affect these petroleum-based substances. Concrete, on the other hand, can be broken up and recycled and isn’t contaminated.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway will also last longer than a tarmacadam drive, provided it’s properly looked after. A longer lasting driveway means less energy and resources are expended in replacing it with a new one.

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