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    The Value Of Adding Parking

    There are a number of ways to go about adding value to your home. Home improvements have obvious benefits whether or not you’re actively planning to sell up and move on; the kind of thing that’ll impress buyers is likely to be the kind of thing that improves the time you spend at home anyway. We’ve discussed this before on this blog, but we think it’s worth saying it again: a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent investment in your property.

    And that’s especially true if you’re looking for a buyer. The best advice we’ve seen for people wanting to do up their property was this: focus on the immediate internal stuff first; kitchens and bathrooms are huge selling points. But after that, move outside. Back in 2008, a property that could provide off-road parking was making around 6% more than comparable properties without driveways, especially in areas where parking is scarce.

    Of course, no one home improvement is going to seal the deal. But doing up the exterior of your home is always going to help. And that’s true whether it’s through one of our excellent pattern imprinted concrete driveways, or through better use of space in your garden. Did we mention that we also do patios and decking?

    concrete driveway added parking

    concrete driveway added parking

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