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    Will Your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Crack?

    Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway will almost definitely crack at some point. All concrete cracks to a greater or lesser degree; it’s our job to make sure that it’s lesser rather greater. After we’ve laid and pattern imprinted your concrete driveway and it has set, we’ll cut crack control joints in order to control the cracking which naturally occurs as concrete expands, contracts, and ages. These joints are positioned at points of stress – near manhole covers, for example – and in places where some minor cracking won’t be too noticeable.

    There are a number of other aspects of the installation process which can help to minimise cracking in your driveway. And, conversely, if you pick a duff contractor, these are the things that they won’t do correctly… which will mean you end up with a badly cracked driveway. If you’d like to talk to the real professionals, please use this form to request a quote.

    Laying the sub base to the correct depth, and doing so on top of a membrane, is one of the most important steps we take during a pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation. Good foundations are important in any construction project, not least pattern imprinted concrete driveways. Again, we’d like to stress that a small amount of cracking is inherent in any pattern imprinted concrete driveway. However, if your drive is laid on the right sub-base and has crack control joints cut correctly, it really shouldn’t be a major issue.

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