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    Back Gardens Are For BBQs

    There are few people who don’t enjoy a BBQ. Even vegans can be catered for, and there’s something very relaxing about sitting outside, surrounded by the smell of smoke and the sound of sizzling food. And while the simple pleasures like a BBQ are just that – simple – they can be improved.

    A patio, for example, could give you an attractive social area in your back garden. A pattern imprinted concrete patio provides a tough, attractive surface that’s perfect for tables, chairs, and BBQs. As with all home improvements, it’s all about quality of installation and design: two things that we’re well known for, and which have helped us gain our excellent reputation.

    You’ve probably already got your favourite patch of your back garden. Maybe it’s the area that catches the most sun, or a spot that’s pleasantly shaded by trees. This could be an ideal spot for an area of pattern imprinted concrete patio. Alternatively, you might like to hard-surface a separate area of your property, in order to create a more utilitarian patio area for BBQs etc, leaving your favourite spot untouched.

    There are a lot of options, and during our design consultations we address all the feasible ones, and help our customers come to a decision. If you’d like any more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our telephone number is 0161 761 0400, or you could use this simple online contact form.

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