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    Combining Surfaces

    At Complete Driveway Designs we focus on pattern imprinted concrete. This is because we’re great fans of its flexibility as a surfacing material, and because of the fantastic quality of the finished product. But just because we’re big fans of pattern imprinted concrete, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate other traditional driveway surfaces.

    Imprinted Concrete and Gravel

    Imprinted Concrete and Gravel

    Surfacing solutions like loose gravel or slate chipping can be particularly attractive when used in combination with pattern imprinted concrete. And there are some real benefits to combing surfaces. Bordering a pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gravel, for example, can be visually appealing and can remove the necessity of planting and lawn-care. It’s a way of getting a low-effort, good looking garden that isn’t dominated by pattern imprinted concrete. Not that we think there’s anything wrong with large expanses of pattern imprinted concrete; we just understand that peoples’ tastes differ. Our design and installation services are focussed on providing you with what you want, and installing it with the utmost care and skill.

    We would, however, recommend that the most trafficked area of your driveway should be surfaced with pattern imprinted concrete; leave the other surfaces as attractive additions. We say this because pattern imprinted concrete is much more stable and durable than other surfaces; after all, there’s a reason why concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world.

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