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    One of the most important stages of a pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation is the excavation of the area which the concrete will cover. Excavating the area, laying a membrane when necessary, and then filling it with sub-grade; these are the important prep steps that help to ensure a strong and level driveway. Giving full attention to this important stage is one of the things that separates the cowboys from the quality contractors.

    Different pattern imprinted concrete surfaces require different depths of sub-grade. The necessary depth is dictated by the amount of traffic that your pattern imprinted concrete is going to experience. Driveways and other pattern imprinted concrete surfaces which see vehicle traffic will require deeper excavation and sub-grade than patios and pathways.

    A proper layer of sub-grade underneath your pattern imprinted concrete driveway will minimize any potential issues with cracking; this will also be dealt with via the cutting of crack control joints. All concrete surfaces, including pattern imprinted ones, will crack at some point. However, the difference that having the right depth of sub-grade makes is dramatic. A lot of poorly installed driveway horror stories are caused in part by improper excavation and insufficient depth and quality of sub-grade. To get a free quotation from contractors who know what they’re doing and can prove their reputation, please use this online form.

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