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    Pattern imprinted concrete is remarkably tough once it’s set, and with correctly cut crack control joints a pattern imprinted concrete driveway will last decades. But as you’d expect from any concrete product, it needs to be left alone for a little while after it’s been laid. This is especially true of pattern imprinted concrete driveways, as they should (and, if it’s one of our projects, definitely will) be treated with a sealant after they’ve been imprinted.

    If your pattern imprinted concrete driveway has been installed by our team, we’ll give you detailed advice and information on exactly when your driveway will be ready for foot and vehicle traffic. Rough ball park figures are: foot traffic after at least a day has passed since the application of the sealant, vehicle traffic after at least four days. However, we’d advise that you ask your contractor and go with what they say.

    You should avoid using the driveway in between the laying of the concrete and the application of sealant. At this point the concrete is setting. Remember that any impressions made on the surface of the concrete while it’s soft will be permanent, and to fill in or remove them will be a difficult task. If you’re having problems with your driveway and are interested in having repairs performed, we’re the people to talk to.

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