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    Ping Pong

    Concrete, as well as being excellent of domestic tasks like the creation of pattern imprinted drives and other surfaces, is also great for commercial and municipal projects. This is because of concrete’s strength, longevity, and low cost relative to alternative construction materials. It’s a sad fact that municipal amenities get treated roughly, if not deliberately trashed. Which is why it makes sense to build them out of one of the toughest, most adaptable materials available.

    A good example of this is the new craze for concrete ping pong tables that’s started up in London. As explained in recent Guardian article, parks in London and further afield have suddenly started sprouting concrete ping pong tables, thanks to a not-for-profit scheme.

    Ping pong is fun game, and it seems to be taking off in the areas that have received the concrete ping pong tables. This article about concrete ping pong tables in the Guardian has more information about the ping pong project, and the kind of positive results it’s having in London.

    So, do you fancy installing a ping pong table in your back garden? Maybe as part of redoing your driveway and patio? Concrete is fantastic for pattern imprinted driveways and patios, though we can’t promise that a concrete ping pong table would be quite as attractive as one of our drives

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