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    Things You Never Knew About Concrete #4

    Concrete; it never ceases to amaze. For a material first discovered in ancient roman times, it’s currently going through a so many advances that it’s starting to resemble something from science fiction. Not necessarily the type of concrete that we use in our pattern imprinted driveway and patio installations, mind; we’re talking about the new types of concrete which are being developed in design labs across the world.

    Here’s a new development; bendable, self-healing concrete. This new composite can bend – not something that traditional construction concrete is well known for. When it bends it cracks; these cracks are auto-sealed when moisture – rain, for example – and atmospheric carbon dioxide come into contact with the concrete. The water, carbon dioxide and exposed concrete form calcium carbonate, “scarring” over the cracks in the concrete. And there you have it; concrete that can bend until it cracks, then heal itself.

    This concrete has a great number of potential applications, although we won’t be using it for our pattern imprinted concrete driveways. The ability to bend dramatically isn’t really high on our list when it comes to driveway surfacing features. And, as the article linked to above explains, the bendable, self-healing concrete costs at least triple the cost of normal construction concrete. That’s an expense that we can’t see our pattern imprinted concrete driveway and patio customers being happy with.

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