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    Caravan Hardstandings

    Caravans are becoming increasingly popular. Caravan fans see them as the perfect way to holiday, offering comfort and adventure at the same time.

    Caravans are large vehicles, and keeping them can cause a few problems. They require a level, durable surface to be parked on; people who own caravans will understand the problems presented at some caravan parks where the hardstandings aren’t up to the job. For domestic storage of your caravan, we’d suggest that pattern imprinted concrete is the way to go.

    Pattern imprinted concrete is ideal for driveways that see a lot of traffic. Concrete is a remarkably strong material, and an experienced contractor will understand the necessary depth of excavation and in fill to bring an installation up to spec for the vehicles that are going to be parked on it.

    As well as its impressive load-bearing abilities, longevity and durability, pattern imprinted concrete is visually attractive. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway offers a massive amount of flexibility in terms of finish – take a look at our case studies to see some examples of finished projects. An area dedicated to caravan parking can be easily incorporated into a complete driveway installation, or could be installed as a new addition to a pre-existing drive.

    Cleaning Driveways During Summer

    Summer is a great time to be outdoors, especially if you’ve got a pattern imprinted concrete patio or driveway to enjoy. But while you’re out and about, gardening perhaps, remember that cleaning your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a quick and necessary task.

    Summer driveway cleaning is somewhat easier than winter cleaning, in that the summer months are (hopefully!) drier than winter and autumn. Summer cleaning of your driveway will entail sweeping and washing your driveway to remove any build up or detritus. A power washer is an excellent tool for driveway cleaning, provided that you use a relatively low-pressure setting; wide instead of pencil.

    One of the benefits of taking a little time to clean your pattern imprinted concrete is that it’ll give you an idea of how the sealant is holding up, and if there are any other issues with your pattern imprinted concrete.

    Cleaning your driveway removes and traces of potentially corrosive chemicals, or other substances that could adversely affect your driveway. These substances can find their way onto your driveway from vehicle tires and foot traffic. And, of course, if there are any spills on your driveway you should clean them up immediately.

    Your contractor should be able to provide you with information on cleaning and maintaining your driveway when they’ve completed the installation.  If you need to reseal your driveway, summer is a great time to do so; please contact us for more information about our resealing service.

    Suitable For Old And New Homes

    During our travels around the North West installing driveways for our customers, one thing has become apparent; the wide variety of different houses and other properties that you can find in every town. Admittedly, in certain areas there are a lot of identical buildings all built in the same period. However, it’d be an unusual neighbourhood that didn’t have at least a couple of eye-catching old houses.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    The flexibility in design that’s offered by pattern imprinted concrete means that we can provide a surfacing solution that’ll suit any home. The extensive range of patterns that we can imprint on the concrete, combined with the palette of colours available, means that there’s a massive amount of potential finishes available.

    If you take a look at some of the patterns we use, and some of our case studies for examples of work we’ve already provided, you’ll see that we can cover everything from traditional to modern surfacing looks. You’d be surprised at which combinations of pattern and colour work best with different kinds of property; we’ll be more than happy to help you choose.

    We understand that issues like that are a matter of personal taste. But there’s one thing everyone likes; a job well done. That’s why every one of our installations is completed to the highest possible specifications.

    Purchasing A New Build House?

    Purchasing a new build house has many positives. Issues which can plague some older homes are – hopefully at least – not going to be an issue. And whether you’re having your home built to your specifications, or you’ve purchased a house in a larger development, there can be a greater amount of choice in the details of your property.

    A home with imprinted concrete

    A home with imprinted concrete

    Driveways and patios should always be considered when you’re looking at purchasing a new property, whether or not it’s a new build. These additional features are big plus points for any buyer. If your house is still being built, it’s worth finding out whether or not there’s space in your contractual agreements with the builders/developers to bring in an outside firm to complete a pattern imprinted concrete installation. After all, it pays to leave it to the specialists.

    Having your pattern imprinted driveway or patio installed before you move in to your home will save disruption later on. It can also help with budgeting if you consolidate costs into one period of expenditure as opposed to having an initial expense and then later on having to pay for a driveway installation. If you’re interested in getting us involved in the development of your property, we offer free, no-obligation quotations.

    First impressions Count For Your Business

    Although most of the information on this website – and in the posts on this blog – is aimed at domestic customers, we’ve got a lot of experience working for commercial customers. We’ve completed installations for (and on behalf of) a number of large organisations. They picked us because we’re a skilled team who apply the same care to all our jobs, no matter how big or small the client.

    Pattern imprinted concrete surfaces can really bring your commercial property up a notch. They’re attractive, meaning that we can provide a unique surface that reflects your business. They’re durable; after all, concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world for a reason. And, best of all, they’re cost effective – a reasonable initial outlay and some simple maintenance results in a pattern imprinted surface that will look good for years.

    The compressive strength of concrete also means that high-traffic areas can still be pattern imprinted. Delivery bays, for example, or other areas of your property which see a lot of vehicular traffic, can be surfaced and will hold up to the usage. Our knowledge of the installation process means that we’ll be able to identify the necessary depth of excavation and subbase fill to ensure that your pattern imprinted concrete surface is up to the task. And our attention to detail and the quality of our work means that it’ll look good for years.

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