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    Classic Patterns

    We can replicate a lot of traditional surfacing patterns using pattern imprinted concrete. The vast majority of the work we do is based around creating “traditional looking” driveways and patios. A lot of the traditional surfacing materials are attractive; pattern imprinted concrete means you can get that kind of look without the related problems.

    property with imprinted concrete driveway

    property with imprinted concrete driveway

    So, what are these traditional patterns? Well, cobbles are always a favourite. The square cobbles that we recognise today shouldn’t really be called cobbles; they’re properly known as setts. They were the road surfacing material of choice in the days before tarmacadam, which must’ve made for some bumpy rides. But don’t worry; our cobble-pattern imprinted concrete is easy to walk on.

    We also install a lot of slate-patterned driveways and patios. Slate has always had a role in construction, from traditional dry-stone walling to roofing and so on. With our ability to match colours with patterns, it’s possible to create a surface which looks like it’s been constructed using any one of a variety of slates from around the world.

    And then there’s herringbone brick. Bricks, in their countless varieties, are the staple of the construction trade. And herringbone is a beautifully simple way of getting a visually interesting effect with basic materials. However, the installation process takes time, and with irregular bricks you’re going to get problems. Not with our herringbone brick pattern imprinting mats though. And again, combining patterns with colours allows any look from rustic to modern.

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