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    Cleaning Driveways During Summer

    Summer is a great time to be outdoors, especially if you’ve got a pattern imprinted concrete patio or driveway to enjoy. But while you’re out and about, gardening perhaps, remember that cleaning your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a quick and necessary task.

    Summer driveway cleaning is somewhat easier than winter cleaning, in that the summer months are (hopefully!) drier than winter and autumn. Summer cleaning of your driveway will entail sweeping and washing your driveway to remove any build up or detritus. A power washer is an excellent tool for driveway cleaning, provided that you use a relatively low-pressure setting; wide instead of pencil.

    One of the benefits of taking a little time to clean your pattern imprinted concrete is that it’ll give you an idea of how the sealant is holding up, and if there are any other issues with your pattern imprinted concrete.

    Cleaning your driveway removes and traces of potentially corrosive chemicals, or other substances that could adversely affect your driveway. These substances can find their way onto your driveway from vehicle tires and foot traffic. And, of course, if there are any spills on your driveway you should clean them up immediately.

    Your contractor should be able to provide you with information on cleaning and maintaining your driveway when they’ve completed the installation.  If you need to reseal your driveway, summer is a great time to do so; please contact us for more information about our resealing service.

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