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    Purchasing A New Build House?

    Purchasing a new build house has many positives. Issues which can plague some older homes are – hopefully at least – not going to be an issue. And whether you’re having your home built to your specifications, or you’ve purchased a house in a larger development, there can be a greater amount of choice in the details of your property.

    A home with imprinted concrete

    A home with imprinted concrete

    Driveways and patios should always be considered when you’re looking at purchasing a new property, whether or not it’s a new build. These additional features are big plus points for any buyer. If your house is still being built, it’s worth finding out whether or not there’s space in your contractual agreements with the builders/developers to bring in an outside firm to complete a pattern imprinted concrete installation. After all, it pays to leave it to the specialists.

    Having your pattern imprinted driveway or patio installed before you move in to your home will save disruption later on. It can also help with budgeting if you consolidate costs into one period of expenditure as opposed to having an initial expense and then later on having to pay for a driveway installation. If you’re interested in getting us involved in the development of your property, we offer free, no-obligation quotations.

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