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    During our travels around the North West installing driveways for our customers, one thing has become apparent; the wide variety of different houses and other properties that you can find in every town. Admittedly, in certain areas there are a lot of identical buildings all built in the same period. However, it’d be an unusual neighbourhood that didn’t have at least a couple of eye-catching old houses.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveway with gate

    The flexibility in design that’s offered by pattern imprinted concrete means that we can provide a surfacing solution that’ll suit any home. The extensive range of patterns that we can imprint on the concrete, combined with the palette of colours available, means that there’s a massive amount of potential finishes available.

    If you take a look at some of the patterns we use, and some of our case studies for examples of work we’ve already provided, you’ll see that we can cover everything from traditional to modern surfacing looks. You’d be surprised at which combinations of pattern and colour work best with different kinds of property; we’ll be more than happy to help you choose.

    We understand that issues like that are a matter of personal taste. But there’s one thing everyone likes; a job well done. That’s why every one of our installations is completed to the highest possible specifications.

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