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    Things You Never Knew About Concrete #5

    US Military Super-Concrete.

    Concrete: it’s the stuff of the future, and it’s here today! Again, this is one of our blog posts on some of the amazing uses people are finding for concrete, and some of the amazing developments in concrete that are taking place in labs around the world. It’s certainly a step away from the pattern imprinted concrete driveways that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

    So, here’s another cracker: military super-strong concrete. It’s made using synthetic aluminosilicate materials, also known as geopolymers; these allow the creation of “super cements”. When these cements are combined with aggregate and water, the resulting concrete really is tough stuff, and very resistant to structural problems.

    It’s got a number of other wild characteristics. The USAF (united states air force) have started exploiting these features. There’s a geopolymer concrete called Pyrament, for example, which is used to fix and fill-in on runways; after a couple of hours it’s set strong enough to take Jets taking off and landing on it.

    This concrete obviously has a lot of implications for construction, although it’ll be years before this stuff becomes a common material. Military industrial gear like this is always very interesting to read about; we just wonder if you can get it in different colours…

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