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    Concrete: High Quality, High Value

    Concrete is wonderful stuff. Used all over the world, for all manner of construction tasks, its popularity is proof of its quality. As a building material it can’t be beat; it’s strong, relatively simple to install, and can be adapted to a number of different uses. They used concrete to construct the massive Hoover Dam in America back in the 1930s; we use it to construct domestic and commercial pattern imprinted driveways today, in places like Preston, Urmston and Salford.

    When concrete is poured, it’s remarkably easy to form it into different shapes and forms before it sets hard. That’s how we pattern imprint; concrete is poured to cover the surface area of your driveway (or patio, or other surface…), is treated with a release agent, and then is stamped using modular mats. The release agent prevents the concrete sticking to the mats, meaning the design should be printed clearly and cleanly. A few manual touch ups, an application of sealant, and there you are: a pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Pattern imprinted concrete means you can get a hard surfaced area that looks like it cost a lot more – in time as well as money – than it actually did. And that wouldn’t be possible without concrete. Like we said, it’s wonderful stuff.

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