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    Expansion Joints

    When you’re dealing with concrete, it’s important to understand its characteristics. Whilst it is remarkably strong, it does need features like expansion joints to be properly positioned and correctly done, or it can suffer from some problems.

    As your pattern imprinted concrete driveway sets, it can expand and contract. Later on, atmospheric temperature changes (hot spells and cold snaps) can cause more expansion and contraction. Expansion joints, which are discreetly positioned in the overall driveway design, stop cracking and flaking problems. Concrete will always crack; it’s completely unavoidable. Expansion and crack control joints allow pattern imprinted concrete driveways to crack in a small, controlled way.

    When you’re adding features to your driveway design – essential things like manhole covers, or other features you’ve chosen – they’ll need expansion joints to be cut around them. Separate, non-concrete features won’t expand and contract like the concrete around them, and it’s around these areas that cracking is most likely to occur.

    A good contractor will know how important expansion and crack control joints are, and should be able to give you a comprehensive explanation of their function, and point out where they would be placed in your installation. Take a look at our case studies and you’ll see that these joints are very well hidden. But without them an entire pattern imprinted concrete driveway could be compromised.

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