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    Summer is a busy time for us; the hotter months are drier and so a better time to install pattern imprinted concrete driveways for our customers. We get out across the North West, seeing a lot of different areas and pouring, imprinting and sealing a lot of concrete driveways. It’s always good to be busy, but it does have one downside… it means that new customers may have to wait slightly longer for us to be available.

    It’s nothing personal, honest. And we’re sure you understand; if the jobs mount up, then our lead in time could get longer. Happily, there are no problems at the date this is being written; we’re still working to our usual lead-in time.

    There’s a very simple way for you to find out when we’ll be available to install your pattern imprinted concrete driveway, or provide you with any of our other services. It’s so simple as to be positively old fashioned: ask us.

    Our contact details are readily available (our telephone number is 0161 761 0400), and you can also contact us online using this form.

    However, it’s best if you contact us for a free no obligation quotation. If you provide us with some information about your project (like the size of the area that needs surfacing) we’ll be able to fill you in on price, when we can get started, and how long the job will take.

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