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    Gravel is tricky stuff. There are some tasks that it’s pretty good for; filling in borders around flowerbeds, for example. Also, it’s useful for drainage purposes. However, gravel driveways – we mean drives surfaced entirely in 6-20mm gravel – can cause problems. Loose gravel can get everywhere, and although gravel will “settle” the longer it’s in one place, that means a gravel drive will later require topping up with more gravel.

    That’s why we’d suggest that at least the area of your driveway which is going to be seeing vehicle traffic is surfaced with pattern imprinted concrete. Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are durable and, once set, should see you right for years (as long as you remember to reseal every two years or so).

    If you’d still like to incorporate gravel into your driveway design, there are a number of different ways of doing so. And, depending on what variety of gravel is available, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a complimentary combination in our range of patterns and colours.

    Unfortunately the case studies section of our website doesn’t contain any examples of pattern imprinted concrete driveways combined with gravel. If it’s something you’re interested in, why not contact us for a free quote? Who knows, your property could be our pattern imprinted concrete and gravel case study!

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