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    Hot Tubs

    The hot tub really is the ultimate in garden luxury. They’re becoming increasingly popular in the UK; while we might not have seen them popping up in our neighbours’ gardens yet, it can only be a matter of time. And they’re definitely being stocked by more and more retailers.

    Whether you buy a high-street hot tub or have on installed by a specialist, you’ll need to think a fair bit about where you position it. In that respect, they’re much like our pattern imprinted concrete driveways; a little bit of thought and a little bit of money and you’ve got something that will really improve your property. When it comes to positioning your hot tub, remember you don’t want to be overlooked by your neighbours, nor do you want it to be overhung by trees; decaying leaves do not make for a great hot tub experience.

    Something else you’ll want to consider is a path to your hot tub. You need a properly surfaced path – like a pattern imprinted footpath or driveway – as any detritus picked up on the walk from your house out to your hot tub is going to get transferred into the tub and end up clogging your filter.

    If you’re having a hot tub installed, chances are you’ll want to place it on a reasonable base. Advice on this base varies from source to source, but follow what your supplier says. As with a number of other installation projects, we’re more than happy to work alongside another team in order to complete a complex installation. Of course, feel free to get in touch if you’d rather we dealt with everything.

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