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    Avoid Blocking Driveways

    Cars allow us a massive amount of freedom, don’t they? But with that freedom comes great responsibility. The responsibility, for example, to avoid blocking other people’s driveways when we’re parking. There are greater crimes, but it’s still very annoying to find that you can’t access you driveway because someone’s blocking it with their vehicle.

    The best way to ensure that you’ll no longer have to wedge your vehicle into any available space on your road – and risk blocking in your neighbours – is to create your own space to park at your property.

    One of our pattern imprinted concrete driveways should do the trick. Durable and attractive, pattern imprinted concrete driveways are excellent investments; as well as providing you with a hard-wearing surface for parking your car, they’re also easy on the eye – as you can see in our case studies.

    The installation of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a relatively quick process, although obviously we devote more time (and care, and attention) to it than some of the cowboy contractors out there.

    With your own pattern imprinted concrete driveway, your only worry will be being blocked in yourself. Remember, there’s nothing with erecting some gates – a nice visual reminder of the fact that your driveway is in use – or even sticking up an “access needed” sign.

    Renovating A House

    Renovating an old house is a dream for some. Rundown “fixer uppers” can be cheaper than alternative properties. More than that, they offer a chance to really get your teeth stuck into a project. Renovation is a big task, but if you’ve got the time and the money to invest in it, it reaps many rewards. Resale value should – provided all goes to plan – make you more than a little back in profit. And, of course, there’s the knowledge that you’ve accomplished something pretty special; really making your own home.

    In the North West there are more than a few properties that could do with a refurb. And if you are planning to invest in such a project, don’t forget the importance of the outside of the property. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent way to bring the exterior of your property up to the quality of what you’ve done to the inside.

    Pattern imprinted concrete driveways are a cost-effective way of getting the kind of classic looking-driveways you see in those glossy property magazines. Our pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation skills mean that you can be sure the quality of our work will match the quality of yours. For you, renovating a property will probably be a labour of love. For us, installing pattern imprinted driveways, patios, and other features, is a matter of pride.

    Re-Sealing To Avoid Re-growth

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway should save you from some of the problems that cause headaches with other driveway surfaces. Weeds and moss in particular can really ruin a reasonable driveway. Pulling out weeds or applying chemical weed killer, or scraping away at moss, is no-one’s idea of fun.

    Because pattern imprinted concrete is solid, unlike gravel, there’s no chance of weeds growing through. There will be some subtly positioned crack control joints, but these shouldn’t present any problems, especially if you pay attention to them. And paying attention is the key. Moss and other surface growths can spread across surfaces like concrete if they’re given a chance, especially if it’s damp (and let’s be honest, in the North West it can get pretty wet).

    The key is to regularly re-seal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. Don’t worry, “regularly” doesn’t mean every two months, more like every two to five years. The sealant stops pattern imprinted concrete being porous, blocking the tiny holes that would otherwise mean it could absorb water and other substances. It also makes it pretty much impossible for moss and other growths to get a toe-hold (although miracles can happen…)

    We offer a resealing service – please get in touch for more information – but some people prefer to reseal their own drives. It’s very important that your drive is dry when it’s resealed; moisture trapped between layers of old and new sealant can cause blooming and other discolourations. Which would kind of defeat the object of resealing, so make sure you’re careful. We always are when we reseal a pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Front Gardens

    Front gardens are lovely spaces. They give you an opportunity to exercise those green fingers. And, as the first part of your property that visitors and passers-by see, it’s a chance to show off your good taste. Well laid-out flower beds, a manicured lawn, maybe even a water-feature or perhaps the common garden gnome could make an appearance.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway is an excellent addition to any property. What’s more, the flexibility afforded by concrete as a material means that we can create all manner of designs to accentuate your favourite front garden features.

    If you take a look at our case studies, you’ll be able to get an idea of how pattern imprinted concrete driveways look in situ. As you can see, the patterns and colours available make pattern imprinted concrete the ideal surface for your driveway. Classic driveway looks are easily replicated, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a combination of colour and pattern which completes your front garden.

    After all, it’d be a shame to have your front garden let down by a rundown parking area. Cracking and other problems can affect driveways that are old, or haven’t been correctly maintained. You put the effort into the gardening; let us put the effort into your pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

    Concreting Over Concrete

    We do a lot of work replacing driveways. Whatever the surfacing material used, age and use can take their toll on driveways. Cracking and crumbling can occur, along with a host of other problems depending on which surfacing material your drive is made out of. What you’re left with is uneven and unsightly.

    As concrete driveways become increasingly popular, there are more of them about, and, of course, there’s a bit of variety in the quality of driveways out there. While you’ve got the quality of the kind of work we do at one end of the scale (the good end!), there are other firms who don’t match up to our standard.

    When we’re doing work at a property, we’ll pull up and remove old surfacing as part of the process of excavating the area, and then filling that excavation with sub-base. We’ll take that spoil away with us, naturally.

    Sometimes people ask why we can’t just lay our pattern imprinted concrete over their existing concrete driveway. Well, yes, in theory you could do that, but it wouldn’t be the best idea. Pattern imprinted concrete poured on-top wouldn’t be stable; it’d crack and lift off the old concrete. There’s no point replacing an unfit driveway with a new one which will also fall apart.

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