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    Caravan Hardstandings (Again)

    A little while ago we put up a blog post about caravan hardstandings. Caravans need to be sat on a strong, regular surface; that’s why caravan parks have dedicated plots for caravan owners to park in. Of course, if you own a caravan, you’ll know this already.

    In the blog post mentioned above, we explained that pattern imprinted concrete is an excellent surfacing choice for caravan owners. It’s tough stuff, and once it’s been installed and finished it should look just as good as your caravan. The variety of imprintable patterns and colourant admixtures available means that there’s a massive amount of different driveway designs available.

    Why are we telling you all this? Well, because, when we put together the last blog, we neglected to mention the fact that we’ve previously installed a pattern imprinted concrete driveway for a lovely couple who needed it for… drum roll please… their brand new Motorhome!

    Yes, somewhere between the writing and the editing and the uploading of the old blog post we managed to delete the bit about The Warren job in Crew. So we though it only fair to stick up a new blog post directing you to the case study.

    As you can see if you take a look through the photographs of The Warren, our pattern imprinted concrete driveways aren’t just great to look at; they’re also the surfacing of choice for caravan owners and motorhomers.

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